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Khai Vi - Appetizers

Rolls, Crepes, Wings and Ribs - just what you need when you are hungry.
A1 Cha Gio (2) Traditional Vietnamese Spring Rolls lightly fried & served with fresh lettuce, mint, cilantro and traditional dipping sauce 3.50
A2 Goi Cuon (2) Fresh Summer Rolls - Shrimp, Pork, Lettuce, Bean sprouts and Vermicelli wrapped in rice paper and served with peanut sauce. 3.95
A3 Banh Xeo - Succulent crispy Vietnamese crepes prepared with Shrimp, bean sprouts and scallions. Served with lettuce, mint, cilantro and traditional dipping sauce 6.25
A4 Banh Cuon - Steamed rice crepes with minced pork filling 5.45
A5 Banh Tom - Shrimp & Sweet Potato deep fried to perfection 6.25
A6 Pan Fried or Steamed Dumplings 4.75
A7 BBQ Ribs (4) 5.95
A8 Crab Rangoon 4.25

Banh Mi - Vietnamese Subs

Vietnamese Sandwiches served on a French Roll with fresh garden variety ??? and French Butter          1 Meat 4.50, 2 meats 5.00, 3 meats 5.25
  XaXiu - Roasted BBQ Pork  
  Cha - Steamed Pork pattie  
  Thit Noung - Char Grilled Pork  

Vietnamese Classics

V1 Bo Xao Bong Cai - Tender sliced beef sauteed with fresh broccoli 9.95
V2 Bo Luc Lac - Tender cubed beef Wok seared and served over a bed of lettuce 10.95
V3 Ga Xao Xa Ot - Chicken sauteed with lemongrass & sweet onions in spicy sauce 8.95
V4 Ga Ri - Vietnamese Yellow Curry & Coconut Milk with Chicken and Potatoes 8.95
V5 Dau Hu Xao Rau Cai - Tofu sauteed with Mixed vegetables 8.95


red snapper

Ca - Whole Fish (Requires 1 hour prep time) - Steamed, Grilled or Fried served with special house ginger sauce


Vietnamese Specialty Soups

S3 Bun Thang - Vietnamese Pork Patties and Egg in Chicken Soup with Rice Noodles. 8.95
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